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Who Is Somaheart?

Working out of Vancouver BC, Deus & Aga facilitate a wide variety of transformative offerings including plant medicine ceremonies, sound journeys, 1-on-1 coaching, and full immersion workshops in the realm of plant medicine integration, transformative art, & empowered authentic relating. Together they weave extraordinary ceremonial experiences with majestic soundscapes & powerful medicine songs to heal & liberate the mind, heart & spirit.

Somaheart sound journeys share a wide range of medicine songs from around the world. From Aztec to Bolivian, Lakota to Nigerian, Polish to Squamish, Sanskrit to English. Somaheart recognizes the divinity in all languages and traditions, and seeks to share the essence of our Divine Humanity through both ancient and modern sacred songs in a ceremonial and reverential way.

Aga Somaheart
  • Certified Advanced Kambo Practitioner, Kambo International & IAKP

  • Bufo & Spirit Plant Medicine Facilitator

  • Somatic Breathwork Practitioner

  • Hatha & Yin Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in
    Candida & Gut Health (

Aga is a trauma informed Breathwork practitioner, Kambo and Bufo facilitator, and plant medicine guide. She has over 12 years of professional experience working in a variety of healing arts and spirit plant medicines. Her journey of awakening started off young in her early 20's in South America with Ayuahuasca. In 2011, she was working at a Ayahuasca healing retreat center that collaborated with curanderos of the Shipibo linage in Pucallpa, Peru. Aga's approach to healing is a holistic combination of both Western and Eastern approaches, infused with Earth-based teachings. She is a playful explorer of the inner landscape, and is passionate at providing a nurturing space for you to venture into the magnificent depths of your being, to heal your heart, refresh your soul, and awaken your authentic expression.


Over the years she has been pursuing studies in Trauma Resolution, Nutrition, Yoga, Reiki, Bio-Energy, NLP, Shamanism, Breathwork, and many other modalities for health and healing. Recovering from chronic health issues of her own, Aga brings a holistic understanding of what it takes to truly heal and live with vitality. She approaches disease in the body with the understanding that it manifests from a deeper place; it's roots can often be found in the emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Physical symptoms draw our attention to go deeper within ourselves and restore wellness from within. 

Deus Fortune

Deus Fortier is an Accelerated Evolution Coach, Transformational Artist, Numa Breathwork practitioner and Plant Medicine facilitator based out of Vancouver BC.


He has over 17 years of experience in the immersive study and practice in non-ordinary states of consciousness, Kriya Yoga, body-centered psychotherapeutic methods, art therapy, embodiment practices and trauma-informed facilitation.

Deus' exposure to many different esoteric and psychotherapeutic principles and practices has informed a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing.

He combines body-centered therapeutic processes, explorations into non-ordinary states of consciousness, integrative coaching, and trauma-informed principles and practices as a catalyst for resolving suffering, liberating authentic expression, and accelerating personal and collective evolution.

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