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The impeccable man master class

an immersive 8-week
self mastery program For men

Next program:
Mar. 21 - may 16

daily video lessons

Comprehensive guidance that will lead you step-by-step along the path of self-mastery.


Transformational practices that will equip you from the inside out to skillfully navigate life with ease.

daily action steps


online access

Life-changing content delivered right to your digital doorstep. Access it anywhere, anytime.


Focused group coaching every week, offering you personal guidance and support.

weekly coaching


Access a private community of inspired, dedicated men to walk alongside on your journey.

private community


The perfect timeframe to catalyze permanent transformation without overstaying its welcome.

8-week process

impeccable man master class overview

(33 minutes)
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"I've gained mastery over a level of subtlety I hadn't even known existed before working with Deus"

Main topics of exploration

  • Emotional Intelligence
    Re-sensitize and liberate the full spectrum of your emotional landscape
  • Processing Trauma
    Resolve deep-seated wounds and triggers that limit your happiness and well-being
  • Subconscious Reprogramming
    Create new empowered beliefs and perceptions about self and reality
  • Liberating Authentic Expression
    Dissolve fears, inhibitions and blockages that prevent your full, honest expression
  • Deepening Relationships
    Cultivate greater depth, trust and intimacy in all your relationships
  • Communication Mastery
    Learn to skillfully navigate conflicting needs, desires and boundaries under any circumstance
  • Energy Control
    Become deeply attuned to the inner workings of the life-force flowing in and through you
  • Non-ordinary States of Consciousness
    Access higher states of awareness to enliven and uplift every aspect of your life
  • Cultivating Wisdom
    Generate insight and embodied understanding to accelerate your evolution
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Men who are looking for a solid container that both challenges and supports them in equal measure on their path of true transformation.

Casual curiosity seekers need not apply.


  1. Daily Lessons & Action Steps
    (approximately 1hr / day on average)

  2. Small, Focused Group
    (maximum 8 participants)

  3. Weekly Coaching Calls
    (approximately 3hrs)


Mar. 21 - May. 16

- 8-weeks total

- 6 weeks of daily content

- 9 coaching calls
(1 introduction call, 1 coaching call for each week of the journey, 2 integration calls)


  • The full cost of the program is $1,000 - $2,000 sliding scale

  • Upon successful application a $500 payment is required to register

  • The remaining $500 - $1,500 is due at the end of the program

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application process


Schedule your free 45-minute consultation call


Fill out the application form (20 mins)


Show up authentically and honestly on your consultation call


Confirm your registration and create your account with an initial payment of $500
(upon successful application)

The remaining $500 - $1,500 (sliding scale) is due at the end of the program

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Michael Smith.jpg

Michael Smith
CFAR - Co-Founder
Wise Knowing - Founder

"The Impeccable Man Master Class was completely transformational.

Looking back at what has changed for me during this program, it sounds almost absurd: I ended a lifelong anxiety around dating & partnership, learned how to surf depression and come out the other side stronger, and even got in touch with the emotional cause of a decades-old health problem and cured it.

This stuff reaches very deep.

My biggest take-away has been recognizing the value of sensitizing and of intentional wisdom-building through integrating direct experience.

I've gained a mastery of a level of subtlety I hadn't known existed before the program, and now I know something about what direction to keep going to repeat that experience of expanding mastery in previously unrecognized domains.

And those incredibly subtle domains REALLY MATTER. That's where all the change happens, and where all the meaningfulness is.

The Impeccable Man Master Class has taught me how to intentionally navigate my own soul.

…but maybe more usefully, if more verbose:

It gave me concrete tools for cultivating inner strengths that made gaining wisdom and emotional intelligence from all of my experiences an ongoing reliable inevitability."

"I experienced some radical transformations and breakthroughs in my life from the Impeccable Man Master Class.

If it wasn't for Deus and his teachings, his practical approach of merging spirituality and science; offering usable tools to equip men to experience breakthroughs in their lives, I wouldn't have been able to do this alone. 

In the last 2.5 - 3 years I've spent over $10,000 of my own money on personal development programs, courses and seminars, and after completing this program I have never felt this equipped - it's really the right word to use - I feel equipped to move through challenges in a new way. 

I am just so incredibly grateful. I'm so grateful for the breakthroughs I've had, for the practical teachings in this program and how Deus has applied them. He is an absolute wealth of knowledge.

I fully committed to surrender all of my previous knowings, practices and approaches to spirituality, personal development, business, and life to this program for 6-weeks in order to give it a real, honest shot, and Deus was right there. He met me where I was at in a way that I haven't felt before.  

Deus has an incredible ability to meet people where they are at. He met me where I was at. I felt heard, I felt honored, I felt seen. Because of that I was truly able to receive the wisdom and be motivated to apply the processes and tools he was teaching. 

I still felt opposition and resistance; fear, self-doubt, crippling fear of rejection, but I was able to calm those through his processes and move through the fear, applying everything he taught us. 

I had breakthroughs around lack and abundance: I came into more wealth than I've ever had in my life and if it wasn't for me surrendering to this program I wouldn't have been able to receive what was being offered to me. 

I had breakthroughs around Self-Care: I honor myself so much now. 

I had breakthroughs around being able to feel what's in my body and use that wisdom to guide how I can move through hidden blockages in my life. 

There is so much wisdom Deus has packed into this program. It's shocking.

I know that the few gold nuggets I've taken away have applied deeply into my life and offered me a true transformation and I'm excited to go through this program again to soak up even more! It's like a good book; you just have to keep reading it. 

If you are looking at this program I am truly excited for you. 

I knew Deus was at the next step for me, holding his hand out and making it reachable. He wasn't standing on top of the mountain saying "come meet me here". He came down the mountain, offered his hand, and said: "'come with me, let's do this together. I'll show you how to do it.'

And that's what made the difference for me."

Matthew Resized.png

Matthew Peter Yeomans
Yeomans Photo & Film
Founder, Owner

Rob Evans.jpg

Robert Evans

Customer Service Professional
Writer, Artist

"Before this program I never felt good enough, no matter what I did.

Battling with self-hatred and dissatisfaction, my worst fear was that I would grow old and alone and waste away to nothingness, forgotten.

I would push myself to accomplish a goal or dream trying to find that inner acceptance, yet even after running multiple marathons, back packing through exotic locations, paying off my debt, etc., I still felt weak and worthless.

The Impeccable Man Master Class has shown me how to see myself through a new lens of genuine confidence; how to talk to myself in a more positive light; how to live and work with my emotions in a harmonious way so that I am no longer a slave to my frustrations, anger and sadness.

I started to take care of myself again and come to know myself as an amazing man. I learned how to open my heart to others more fully, and understand that I am not a slave to the traumatic experiences of my past.

This has truly opened my eyes to a world of opportunities that has always been there, but I was too blind in my own self doubt to see it.

The program isn't easy and you truly have to commit to it. You have to work hard at it. You need to build it up as you go; to practice, strengthen your resolve and go through the blood, sweat, and tears to achieve that goal you seek.

I feel that I have the tools and have strengthened my emotional and mental muscles to truly overcome all obstacles that come my way.

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

Thank you, from the deepest part of my heart."

"The Impeccable Man Master Class helped heal a wounded soul and took me on a journey from incapacity to empowerment.


I started out drowning in a well of insecurities, anxieties and regrets but morphed into a more solid soul who knows he counts and is capable. Even in my dreams, I behave like an empowered individual now.

My individual process was a four month rollercoaster journey of consciousness-building and trauma release. In that time, the I.M.M. taught me what real men are like and what they are made of. It allowed me to interact and be supported by quality men who are balanced and grounded. It is evident how much work went into the course and one is amazed by the power of its eloquence and grace. Deus has impeccable integrity and his service to others comes through clear when he coaches.

The IM Master Class presents a Mount Everest of material but is not passive. Its teachings are substantive, and you actively participate in your own evolution. The difference is palpable. In the past, I have simply took a course or read a book and marinated in its theory. However, Deus has shaped this program in a way that requires you to take action and be challenged. In the end you are accountable to yourself.

I 'showed up' as they say in today's vernacular and was rewarded. I feel more centered and more aware of who and what I really am. It is a gift to be taught how to feel and regulate your emotions. The IMMC will give that to you.

Self-worth is priceless.

And the Impeccable Man Master Class helped me discover mine."


Robbie Nodine
Tour Guide


Felix Fletcher

Entheogen Facilitator

"Every man should take the Impeccable Man Master Class.

It has really helped me to step into my true potential, empowering me and allowing me to access blind spots that I may not otherwise have been aware of.

Since this course I have experienced tremendous leaps in my wellbeing and in my relationship with myself and others. It has given me a strong foundation to find my truth as an impeccable man.

Deus is a fantastic mentor, he has so much wisdom to share and does it with true humility, non-judgement and radiates magnetism. It amazes me how Deus has taken such a vastly complex subject of masculine evolution and broken it down into bite size chunks of wisdom and simple exercises.

The course is so accessible, for all men, the content is created and delivered in such a way that it will meet you where you’re at and cause you to evolve rapidly, like a seed sprouting. This course is personal to the individual, which is so important, as we are all at different stages of evolution and have different areas we need to work on.

The tools I have received from this course will go on to serve me in the future for sure and am so grateful to Deus and the other impeccable men I have met through the IM community.

Thank you brothers."

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The guide

Dana Lynne Anderson pic.jpg

Dana Lynne Andersen, M.A.

Awakening Arts Academy

Founding Director

"Deus brings his sharp mind, big heart and high voltage energy to every project and creative endeavor. As a leader, he carries the torch of inspiration, and yet he is also the one to nourish and support.

Engaging in a passionate quest for truth and authenticity, he moves with ease between holding the grand vision and attending to the small detail. He delves for it, and he shares it. He doesn’t do anything on the surface, he goes for the depth.

As a facilitator Deus guides a powerful and poignant experience. He knows the territory and he has done the work. He stands in a deeply rooted presence, and with calm, steady patience he invites his students to let go of the shore.


If you want to wake up to a life of far greater meaning and purpose- if you want to know who you really are, Deus is your guide."

"Deus serves up a profound mix of depth, magic and penetrating insight.

Hearing him share his lucid wisdom with such beauty and heart opens me to my core.  


I’m left replenished in Source and activated in purpose. Give yourself a stunning boost by drinking in his delicious weavings of sight, sound and sacred word."

Satyen Raja pic.jpg

Satyen Raja
Warriorsage Trainings
Founder, Master Trainer

Susan Staziker.jpg

Rev. Susan Staziker

B.A., P.G.C.E., B.W.Y.,

Satvik Energy Therapist

Ordained Vale Minister

"As a teacher and guide, Deus is passionate, committed and enthusiastic, bringing a caring and empathetic quality to his work. He has a rare ability to take his clients from deep meditation, to subtle expansion, to heartfelt expression whilst maintaining a gentle holding of a diverse group.

He is generous in the sharing of his skills, inspirational in the expression of his ideas and very perceptive and encouraging of those he works with.

The authentic quality of his diverse offerings draws his clients to be enthralled, enthused and surprised; the result is an irresistible magnetism that leaves you wanting more.

I feel incredibly privileged to have worked with Deus."

"Deus is a source of profound, practical wisdom.

He integrates fundamental concepts in psychology, neuroscience, physics and meta-physics into his approach -- concepts which constitute universal laws in the world we live helps you take advantage of those insights through powerful daily practices.

These practices sharpen awareness, allowing you tune into your emotional intelligence, and empower you to start crafting a better future for yourself.


'Better', as defined by your authentic, true self."


Kalle Sveder

Director of Sales

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