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Sat, Aug 10


The Sanctuary

5Meo-DMT Sound Bath

An incredibly unique experience where you are equipped with your own microdose 5meoDMT vape pen and journey through a dynamic live soundscape of vocals and instruments that open your heart and reconnect you with your divinity.

5Meo-DMT Sound Bath
5Meo-DMT Sound Bath

Time & Location

Aug 10, 2024, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

The Sanctuary, West Point Grey, Vancouver, BC, Canada


About the Event

This is an incredibly unique experience where you are equipped with your own microdose 5meo-DMT vape pen and journey deep into yourself through a dynamic live soundscape of shamanic vocals and instruments that open your heart, soothe your soul, and reconnect you with your divinity.  

The dose is a body-centered dose, rather than a "blast-off dose", allowing you to gently melt into yourself and become one with the sound. As you soften, stuck energy starts to move, your Spirit becomes lighter, and your heart reunites with Love.  This is a wonderful "tune-up" experience for those who have sat with this medicine before and a safe place to dip your toes in for a first try.

"This was the most beautiful experience, words can not describe my time with Aga and Deus.  If you are looking to open your heart and your mind, you are in the safest place to do so."

Exchange: $140 - $280 sliding scale ($50 deposit is required to secure your spot) 


RSVP to begin the registration process: Important note: Simply RSVPing does not reserve your spot.

Registration consists of an intake form and a consultation call to prepare you for the experience.

Maximum: 9 participants 

Facilitated by: Aga Somaheart & Deus Fortier


We start with a sharing circle to connect and set our intentions. You'll then get a quick tutorial of your vape pen, lay back and relax, as you enjoy 2 hours of sound healing that clears stagnation and melts stress so that you can reset and realign yourself to peaceful well-being.

You’ll journey to a full spectrum of soundscapes; from earthy drums, shamanic vocals and rattles that sing to your bones, to heavenly chimes and crystal bowls that harmonize with unique instruments such as the shruti box and harmonica to enliven your spirit.

With the help of this medicine, you merge with sound and journey deeper into yourself. Melodies and drones weave in and out of one another, as the cosmic Chiron gong envelopes you with Cosmic remembrance. Our gong is attuned to the vibration of Chiron, "the wounded healer", massaging every single cell in your body with a vibration that invokes self-acceptance to help you transmute your deepest pains into your greatest gifts.

The crystal bowls invoke an angelic force that takes you into a deeper receiving mode helping you let go of the worries of the past, restoring your inner peace and opening you up to vibrational upgrades of love and prosperity.

The spirit of the medicine songs sings to your Soul, calling you back home into your heart so that you may move forward connected to your true nature and embodying your divine essence.

"This is beyond sound. A veritable concerto of talented musicians in total synthesis and symbiosis. These two create such a beautiful container and fill it with light, beauty, music and vibrations that are exquisitely delicious. In particular, I loved low decibel healing bass of the digeridoo and the angelic sound of the crystal lyres. 

My absolute favourite are the duets when these two lovely share their beautiful voices raised in song. So wonderful to see talented facilitators and artists using our creations in their intended place; as an enhancement to ceremony, sacred space and ritual of healing and human evolution. Thank you again for this truly beautiful gift." - David


This is a psychedelic compound known to produce profound experiences that include mystical or spiritual experiences, altered perception of reality, and cathartic emotional release. Its use has been associated with various reported benefits, which are largely anecdotal or based on preliminary research:

  • Psychological Healing and Growth: Some users report significant psychological benefits, including profound personal insights, emotional release, and the resolution of past traumas.
  • Spiritual Experiences: Users often describe experiences of unity, interconnectedness, and transcendent states of consciousness, which can have lasting impacts on their perception of life and death.
  • Reduction in Anxiety and Depression: Preliminary studies and anecdotal reports suggest that 5-MeO-DMT could help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in some individuals, potentially offering a rapid-acting therapeutic effect.
  • Substance Use Disorders: There's emerging interest in using 5-MeO-DMT as a tool in treating substance use disorders, with some individuals reporting reduced cravings and increased motivation for recovery after its use.

SOUND BATH benefits can include:

• Clear stagnant old energy that creates lethargy 

• Strengthen your immune system 

• Regulate your nervous system to enter a state of deep rejuvenating relaxation

• Calms your body and mind 

• Lowers stress and anxiety 

• Expands your awareness 

• Promotes emotional balance, improves mood and well-being

• Improves sleep 

• Increased focus and clarity 

• Lowers blood pressure


• You DON'T need to bring anything to lay on. Thick foam mats, cozy fuzzy blankets, and pillows are provided. 

• Eye covering (optional) 

• Wear comfy clothing 

• Water bottle 

• Journal and pen (optional)

About the Venue: This is a home-based practice space. This means, that you can expect to arrive at a private residence for your sound ceremony.


"This was the most beautiful experience, words can not describe my time with Aga and Deus.  If you are looking to open your heart and your mind, you are in the safest place to do so."

"Everything about the ceremony was explained well and questions were answered . The sound journey itself was beautiful. Both of you are incredibly skilled at playing the instruments and singing the medicine songs. It felt like some magical self-orchestrating flow in which order the songs and instruments were chosen . A feeling of becoming one with the sound . Both of you truly care for everyone in the ceremony and sense into who needs a little more support and guidance at times."

"This was a great experience - a first for me.  Deus & Aga were very professional, calm and layed out the format for the day.  The singing, chanting and instruments they played for the duration were magical.  I felt safe and comforted while experiencing some emotions during the journey."

"This journey was so precious, and for me, it could be better described as a bath in my worth and bliss.  Aga and Deus were phenomenal facilitators.  I learned so much through their clarity as mirrors, and even their dynamics with other participants were healing to observe.  The sound portion blew my mind.  I felt like I was immersed in the heart of the jungle, and my heart was melted in love and sheer appreciation for the beauty of life and the soundscape.  Thank you!"


RSVP to begin the registration process:

 Important note: Simply RSVPing does not reserve your spot.

You will receive an email following your RSVP with further instructions to confirm your registration which consists of an intake form and a brief consultation call. 

Hope to see you there!

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