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Tue, Mar 28


Alajuela Province, San Ramon, Costa Rica

7-Day Psychedelic Women's Retreat - Embodied Feminine

Explore the power of plant medicine. Join us to explore the depths of yourself and embody all that your are, as a whole, empowered, and feminine being.

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7-Day Psychedelic Women's Retreat - Embodied Feminine
7-Day Psychedelic Women's Retreat - Embodied Feminine

Time & Location

Mar 28, 2023, 8:00 a.m. – Apr 03, 2023, 8:00 p.m.

Alajuela Province, San Ramon, Costa Rica

About the Event


 Retreat Highlights 

  • Women (ages 18+) in any stage of life who feel a deep calling to work with psychedelic medicines (entheogens, empathogens) in an intentional, safe, supported, and facilitated setting.
  • This retreat is for you if you:
  • Feel a sense of burn out, feeling stuck, and stagnant in your life and unsure of what to do
  • Spend much of your time in your own mind, ruminating, analyzing, problem-solving, or trying to predict the future
  • Are disconnected to your own body and inner landscape where subconscious beliefs, patterns, and narratives reside
  • Have a desire to play, move, and dance among other women
  • Are curious about yin and yang energies, internal parts work, and feminine archetypes
  • Are longing to show up as your most authentic self with tribe of sisters on a similar path as you
  • Are ready to embody the fullest expression of your mystical, creative, wild, and joyful sides 
  • - Explore the power of plant medicine (psilocybin and MDMA). Join us to explore the depths of yourself and embody all that your are, in a whole, empowered, and feminine being. - Embody the feminine energy. Come and practice how to surrender, receive, express desire, communicate boundaries, be present, be self-expressed. - Give yourself permission to trust, in yourself, in your voice, in other women, who you truly are.  Join us for a transformational experience!  1. To connect with self through the four elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire.  In this retreat, you can explore the fundamental mysteries of life and become more deeply aware of your true feminine nature. Through the lens of ancient wisdom traditions, each element, earth, water, air and fire, is explored in depth as we dive into each facet and experience them fully within ourselves. By embodying the four elements, you will find greater ease and feeling empowered in all aspects of your life.

2. Create sisterhood In ancient times, sisterhood was a force to be reckoned with. A woman's first loyalty was not to her husband but to her sisters. If one of them was in trouble and needed help, she would be there for her. They would share food, clothing, shelter and wisdom with each other. In the modern world women lost touch with that and now we see more competition over collaboration among women. But how has this served us? We want to bring back some of the ancient teachings that made us stronger and better when in collaboration.  3. Embody the feminine energy The feminine energy is something we all have. It's the feeling of being connected to our bodies, to our hearts, and to each other and with Mother Nature. It's about being less like men and more like women—and that can mean different things for different people. But what does it mean for you? Maybe you want to feel more confident, or more at peace with your body. Maybe you want to be able to express yourself in a new way. Maybe you want to be able to love yourself as much as we love you. Whatever your goal is, we can help you get there!

Q: What will I get out of this retreat? - feeling safe to reveal how we really feel with other women to create deeper CONNECTIONS, confidence, radiance;  - able to identify the blocks that prevents connection and getting tools to dissolve them and regulate ourselves;  - feeling safe to be seen and say what’s on your mind;  - honest conversations;  - being able to stay present with ourselves when we want to dissociate/isolate;  - transferable skills and tools you can use to expand in other areas of your life - lifelong relationships with women, going deeper than surface;  - feeling a sense of belonging; - not wanting to run away;  - empowered to choose who we want to be in the world;  - more closeness;  - deep subconscious support from a tribe of sisters;  - borrowing the nervous system of another sister in a healthy way for co-regulation during challenging times;  - increasing the “intimacy intelligence” in our lives and personal connections → healthy connection!  - teaching others - sisters, friends - how we want to be communicated to and how we want to be in relationship → ie. what triggers us, how we want to be seen, how we want to be treated; bringing the power of AUTHENTIC CONNECTION to our life, relationships, professional realm, etc.

Scholarship Application: CLICK HERE 

What's Included
  • 7-day immersive experiences,
  • pick-up and drop-off airport transportation
  • all meals included
  • curated activities
  • plant medicine (psilocybin and MDMA)
  • welcome gifts
  • organic, farm to table food
  • curated meals to support your body
  • after the retreat, group integration calls
  • ongoing supportive network

flights to and from Costa Rica medical insurance (needs to be purchased before arriving in Costa Rica

Schedule: This is a general overview since each day is dedicated to a theme and has various activities. No two days have the same activities. - we will have a connection activity each morning before breakfast (yoga, meditation, breath work, sound healing, etc); - breakfast at 8 am - lunch at 12 pm - a two-hour break after lunch - activities before dinner - dinner at 7 pm Accommodation

Option 1 - Gaia Domes To stay in a Gaia Dome is to rest in a sphere. Nestled in tropical foliage where butterflies and hummingbirds delight. Illuminated by moonbeams and first morn’s light, the Gaia Domes are cozy, cocoon-like, dwellings. The Gaia Domes are built using a pioneering, sustainable masonry material called AirCrete and feature circular design, with smooth, tactile details handcrafted out of adobe and wood from trees on the land. GAIA DOMES FEATURE Ensuite sink Writing desk (in selected domes) Handcrafted queen beds Day bed overlooking the jungle (in selected domes) Forest views out of circular window frames Closet with dry element and safe Ensuite hot showers including biodegradable shampoo, conditioner and body wash Easy access to shared facilities which include composting toilets Sleeps 2, a queen ben and a single bed 

Option 2 - Jungle Hut Take in the sights and sounds of the rainforest in our Jungle Huts. Elegant, clean lines, high ceilings and artful, handcrafted touches gives these spaces a luxurious feel while immersed in Nature. Get cozy in the hammock with a book on the outside deck or take in the jungle sounds from the comfort of your bed. This space is designed using locally-sourced bamboo and wood from the land. JUNGLE HUTS FEATURE Ensuite sink with biodegradable soap Handcrafted king bed or two single beds Ceiling fan Outdoor deck overlooking the rainforest with hammock Sacred geometry wood detail on floor Dry box with key Easy access to shared facilities for hot showers and dry toilets Sleeps two, single beds.

Option 3 - Earth Tambo Earth Tambos are adobe structures made from red clay and bamboo from the land. The Earth walls and floors give the space a very grounding feeling and inspire a deep stillness. Intentionally designed using organic forms, materials, and textures to inspire the senses and connect to Nature. The tambos are illuminated through the spiral design of the bamboo roof bringing a defining quality to this sanctuary space. EARTH TAMBOS FEATURE Handcrafted queen bed Ensuite sink with biodegradable soap Ceiling fan Writing desk Outdoor deck with hammock overlooking the rainforest Dry box with key Easy access to shared facilities for hot showers and dry toilets Sleeps one, queen bed

CLICK THIS LINK for more information and registration

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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