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Fri, Oct 09


The Church Of Truth

Breathwork & Sound Healing

This evening includes community connection, gentle movement, sound healinh, and a deep breath practice of Numa Somatics Conscious Connected Breathwork. Some hands-on facilitation will be offered by trained breathwork and bodywork practitioners: Aga Postawska, Deus Fortier, and Ocian Ward.

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Breathwork & Sound Healing
Breathwork & Sound Healing

Time & Location

Oct 09, 2020, 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

The Church Of Truth, Victoria, BC, Canada


About the Event

Location: 111 Superior Street, Victoria,  BC

Cost: $60

*$20 deposit needed to secure your spot

This is a 2.5 hour event which includes community connection, gentle movement and a deep breath practice of Numa Somatics Conscious Connected Breathwork. Some hands-on facilitation will be offered by trained breathwork and bodywork practitioners: Aga Postawska, Deus Fortier, and Ocian Ward.

Your breath journey will be accompanied by the healing vibrations and soundscape of Shamanic Drumming, Rattles, Crystal Singing Bowls, Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes, Crystal Lyre, Flute, and more...

** No previous experience is required. **

Most of us have not been taught how to breathe effectively— and as we experience the ups and downs of life our breath patterns can become altered without our knowing. As the flow of our breath becomes interrupted so can the flow of our life. This session is a chance to dive deep into our breath and retrain it towards a full and connected breath. In doing so we can unravel some past emotions and move stuck energy to free us up to call in all that we truly desire in our lives.

Nūma Breathwork is a simple yet profound and transformative technique that catalyzes the resolution and integration of old, stagnant energies and emotions on all levels.

The numerous benefits of Breathwork include:

• Increased energy and rejuvenation of organs and cells 

• Detoxification, restoration, balance, and oxygenation of the cells 

• Recognition and integration of repressed emotions 

• Release of negativity and conscious/unconscious patterns 

• Insight, expanded awareness and spiritual growth

The added benefits of Sound Healing: 

• Deep relaxation – not only during, but days afterward you’ll be better able to manage stress and anxiety 

• Increase in immune system function 

• Nervous system regulation 

• Decrease in depressive feelings 

• Improvement in emotional regulation 

• Reduced blood pressure 

• Enhanced sleep and memory 

• Attunes you up to positive mood states .. and much more!

Space is limited for this event and physical distancing will be in place. 

Wear comfortable clothing you can move and relax in. 

Bring your own yoga mat or soft padding for lower back, a pillow, and blanket, as you will be laying down for about 60 minutes.

Please bring your own water bottle. Avoid eating heavy meals prior to this session. 

Arrive a few mintues early to settle into the space.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful evening with you!


Facilitator Bios:

Deus and Aga have facilitated a wide variety of transformative offerings including kambo, bufo, and plant medicine ceremonies, shamanic sound journeys, 1-on-1 coaching, and full immersion workshops and retreats in the realm of authentic expression, transformative art, and empowered relating. Together they weave extraordinary ceremonial experiences with majestic soundscapes and powerful medicine songs to liberate the mind, heart and spirit.

Ocian is an established sound practitioner, offering to audiences all across Canada, the United States and beyond. Since 2010, she has been weaving together deeply transformative and profound healing spaces. She hosts and co-creates circles, ceremony and journeys, with the intention of creating resilient, self aware individuals and empowered communities through experiencing the ‘Art of the Muses’: Music & Sound. By combining this fundamental building block of life (sound) with Usui Reiki (masters level), Massage & Touch Therapy and most recently The Alchemists Path: Celtic Shamanism, Wildwood Priestess Training and Numa Somatics Breathwork, Ocian facilitates deep and profound experiential journeys for participants to safely explore the inner world and all it contains. These sessions can include instruments such as: Crystal Bowls, Crystal Lyre, Chimes, Rattles & Feathers, Steel & Medicine Drum, her latest the Sansula and Triple Drone Flute and most specially her etheric and powerful vocal harmonics. These sessions are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, bringing people into deep states of cathartic release. Many participants have reports of incredible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts after their sessions.

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